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Aluminium Phosphide

Aluminium Phosphide


About Aluminium Phosphide

CAS - 20859-73-8

Aluminium Phosphide is a chemical compound commonly used as a fumigant to control pests in a variety of settings such as storage facilities, grain silos, ships, and aircraft. The area to be fumigated is first enclosed in a gastight membrane, and a toxic gas called phosphine is released soon after Aluminium Phosphide comes into contact with water or moisture in the air. These concentrated phosphine fumes effectively eradicate a wide variety of pests such as insects and rodents.

Aluminium Phosphide is typically used as a fumigant when other pest control methods are not practical. While it is a useful tool, it is important to handle Aluminium Phosphide with caution and follow all safety guidelines due to its high toxicity.

Our Aluminium Phosphide plant in Rajasthan is among the largest in India and has been in operation since October 2020. We are committed to producing high-quality Aluminium Phosphide and delivering the best service to our clients.

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Product Details


56% Aluminium Phosphide

57% Aluminium Phosphide


3 g tablets (round or flat)

3 g tablets (round or flat)

0.6 g pellets

1 kg Aluminium flask

1.5 kg Aluminium flask

Tubes with 10 / 20 / 30 tablets

Tubes with 10 / 20 / 30 tablets

Pouches of 10 g / 34 g


Common Uses of
Aluminium Phosphide