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Intech Foundation

Our Dedicated CSR Wing

Intech Foundation is the CSR arm of Intech Organics Limited. Established in 2021, the Foundation is dedicated to serving society and conserving the environment through various initiatives.

One of the key focus areas at Intech Foundation is ensuring access to quality education, especially for children and youth from underprivileged backgrounds. It has been actively involved in the establishment and maintenance of schools, colleges, and industrial training centers. The Foundation also conducts various training and educational programs, both independently and in collaboration with partner organizations in the respective fields.

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Creating a more comfortable learning environment for our children

We donated 25 pairs of tables and benches to the Biratia Kallan School in Pali, Rajasthan as part of our commitment to supporting educational centers.

Additionally, the Foundation recognizes the crucial role of anganwadis – rural mother and child care centers instituted by the Indian government – in providing primary education and nutrition to economically disadvantaged children. To support the efforts of anganwadis located near our plants, our Foundation extends financial aid to upgrade their infrastructural facilities such as kitchens, drinking water supply and sanitation facilities. The Foundation also makes regular donations to the local Gram Panchayats to support community development initiatives and welfare programs at the grassroots level.

Sustainability is another core value at Intech Organics that is close to our heart. The Foundation spearheads all environmental initiatives at the company that help reduce emissions and waste generated during our manufacturing processes. This includes recycling of packaging material and promoting re-use practices among our clients.

We also follow safety practices to minimize risk when working with our chemical manufacturing setup. Here are some of our key EHS measures:
Maintaining an organized, clean and uncluttered workspace
Employing safety measures when working with equipment at our plants and laboratories
Adhering to compatibility guidelines at our chemical storage inventory
Maintaining lean, well-managed chemical inventories to avoid safety violations and subsequent inventory reduction solutions
Communicating potential hazards to all plant employees through warning signs near dangerous equipment and locations
Use of personal protective equipment by all employees and visitors at the plant

At Intech Organics, we continuously strive to improve the health, safety, security, and performance of our processes and products throughout their lifecycles to safeguard our employees and the environment. Furthermore, we foster responsible chemical management throughout the product chain, while promoting the efficient use of natural resources to minimize waste. Our top management actively engages with employees to understand their concerns and expectations. We also work closely with governments and other regulatory bodies to develop and implement effective regulations and standards. With the active participation of the senior leadership team and our employees across locations, Intech Foundation is committed to cultivating a responsible business culture within Intech Organics, and giving back to the community through various CSR initiatives. We aim to continue creating a positive, meaningful impact for generations to come.

A safety training workshop at our Rajasthan plant

We conducted a safety training session for our employees in Rajasthan, aimed at educating them on the proper safety protocols to be followed in order to minimize accidents and ensure a safe working environment.